The Basics of the Game


The Basics of the Game

Association football, also known as just football, is a well-known sport played by a spherical disc between two contrasting teams of eleven players. It is played by about 250 million people in more than 200 nations and dependencies, making it the most popular sport in the world. The game has a very long history, going back to around 1200 BC, and was first played between groups of young children. Later it was picked up by professional teams, and then gradually by ordinary people. The game is usually played between two sides with each side using a field of grass known as an ‘arena’.

History A game of football is quite an old institution, having been in existence for a long time. It developed out of a number of different games and sports, including Cricket and Goebeling, and was then combined with English football to create what we know today as the gridiron football. This sport was common among several English Universities when it was first started, and even began as a way for students to play against each other to sharpen their wits before graduating. The game spread from there to all of England and eventually to the rest of Europe, Australia and America, although America’s love for football made it a distant relative.

Types There are four major types of football that we know of today. Association football is played between two competing teams using an oval-shaped field, generally played on a hard surface. European football uses a rectangular field similar to that of Association football, but with shorter corners and a deeper stripe running across the center. National football is played between two different teams that represent different nations, typically with a neutral third party that makes the decisions between the teams.

Rules A football match has certain rules that players, coaches and spectators must follow during play. These rules vary according to type and who is playing. For instance, in a penalty kick, the ball must touch either an object player or a part of the stadium walls or the seats. Touching an object player or part of the wall/seating or an object will result in a foul and the player will be sent off.

Tactics As you can see, the game of football can have many variations depending on who is playing, where it is being played and who is playing against. It is also commonly played by men. However, women can play football as well. Although football is considered a men’s game, the ball is often played by both sexes during friendly games.

History The history of football can be traced back as far as Roman times. The game was most popular among the upper class Romans, and was often played as a public sport. This public sport became increasingly popular as the years went on, as it became a way for members of the lower classes to enjoy themselves. Today, football is still played internationally, as well as in many American regions.