The Basics of Baseball


Baseball is a sport in which teams of players try to score runs by hitting balls that are pitched into fair territory, usually between the bases. Each team plays 162 games per season, and a league typically organizes its schedule into three-game series (sometimes called sets) against the same opponent. In addition, some postponed or suspended games are rescheduled as ad hoc one-game or five-game series.

The game has been played in different countries since the earliest years of its development. However, it was not until 1908 that the United States adopted it as its national sport.

This national pastime has a complex history and a storied past. Its origins date to the era of the American Civil War, and it has long been linked with a number of social and cultural cleavages.

Major League Baseball, or MLB, is the governing body of professional baseball in North America. It has three divisions, and each division is comprised of two teams that play against each other. In addition, each team has an interleague “natural rival” in the same league and plays a few home-and-away series against that rival each year.

Each team in each division is governed by a president and board of directors, which determines the roster. The governing board of directors also chooses the commissioner, who is in charge of the team’s rules and regulations.

The league’s teams compete in three-divisional standings, with the top teams of each division competing against each other in a playoff system to determine the world champion. The championship round of the playoff system, which is called the World Series, is a tournament consisting of best-of-seven series.

It is a fast-paced game, with players running around the field and trying to make their way to home plate as quickly as possible. The game is governed by an official rulebook and by a set of umpires.

Several of the major leagues have their own official websites. Some of these are free, while others require a subscription.

Local television broadcasts can be viewed on free over-the-air TV, and some cable systems in certain markets carry regional sports networks, or RSNs. These services often have more national out-of-market coverage than other options, so if you are a fan of a specific team, then you may want to choose a package with an RSN.

Most major sports fans follow a particular team, so you should look for a service that covers that team’s games. For example, Spectrum Sportsnet is a good choice for Los Angeles Dodgers fans, while Fox Sports West is an excellent option for Angels fans.

You can watch MLB games online via streaming platforms or on supported devices. Local broadcasts are often available 90 minutes after the end of a game, and nationally televised games are usually available within an hour.

The sport’s popularity has grown significantly in recent decades, and the sport has become a worldwide phenomenon. The game has also become a vehicle for promoting a number of social causes, including AIDS awareness, environmental awareness, and charitable work.