An Introduction to Baseball

Baseball is a contact sport played between teams, usually of nine individuals each, who take turns catching and pitching for an extended period of time. The game is completed when a team member on the catching team, known as the pitcher, throws a hard ball that’s attempting to hit by another player of the same team, also known as the batter, who attempts to field the ball. The object is for the player of the team with the ball to successfully get his or her hand (hand/arm) in front of the throwing arm of the opposing team member, who then tries to field the ball.


The game of baseball was developed by around 12th century people in Europe called ” Cricket,” which means “ball.” Cricket eventually became known as “English Softball” because it was mostly played on English public parks. Cricket players wore cloths that protected their skin against harsh sunlight, dust, and smoke. These conditions caused many of them to become very overweight.

In the United States, baseball became known as “American baseball” because it was played at the country’s colleges and universities, which were located in close proximity to major urban centers. Early games of baseball were little more than throw or catch. In fact, early games of baseball involved nothing more than two people using two thrown balls, known as “catchers.” In time, with the addition of more players, the games of baseball became much more competitive, and it became even more popular among the population. Today, professional baseball leagues exist in America, Canada, and in many other countries.

A famous player who played the game of baseball, is Yogi Berra, was born in Hawaii and moved to New York City as a child. As a child he would spend hours playing baseball on a wooden floor in his family’s living room. Eventually, Yogi Berra became known as “The Little Giant,” as he reached the age of ten and began to be known as a ball player, along with other well known names such as Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, Roger Clemens, and Babe Ruth.

In the early years of American baseball, there was not a great deal of sophistication in the clothing that the players wore. Most teams in the National League used tattered shorts, and straw shirts. Some even wore wrist chains to help prevent them from slipping during a foul out. It was not until later, when players began wearing more sophisticated clothing, which reflected their status, that things began to change. However, even today, the style of clothing that a baseball player wears has little to do with the style of the game, as there are many different styles of the sport, played in different countries, with different rules.

Today, each player on a baseball team has a number that is applied to his uniform. This number, called the “positions,” provides information for the team manager. For example, if a runner is hit by a pitch, his position on the diamond is taken, as well as his number. The purpose of these various positions is simply to provide a means of analyzing which player is in line to receive a pitch, and from which position in the field a runner will run.