Basic Rules of Basketball


Whether you are playing basketball alone, with a friend or family member, or on a team, there are a few basic rules you should know. These include:

Goaltending: When a shot is on the way to the basket and the defensive player interferes with it, the offensive team will receive a throw-in. This is the best score of any basket outside the three-point line.

Fast break: In a fast break game, the offensive team rushes the ball upcourt and shoots before the defense can set. The offensive team has five seconds to pass the ball into the hands of a teammate. If the offense does not reach the three-point line within the five seconds, the ball is awarded to the other team.

Timeouts: There are certain rules that require coaches to take time outs during the game. During the first half of the game, coaches can call two one-minute timeouts. These allow the coaches to discuss the game with their players. In the second half, they can call three timeouts.

Double dribble: When a player dribbles twice in a row, he or she will receive a foul. Depending on the type of foul, the team receiving the foul may be awarded a free throw. Normally, the offensive team can have the ball for three seconds in the paint before the defenders can return to the paint. If the defenders are guarding the offensive player closely, the player can only have the ball for five seconds.

A player can be substituted if he or she commits five fouls in a half. If a player commits two technical fouls, the player is out of the game permanently. These fouls include unsportsmanlike behavior and physical contact.

If the defensive team commits five fouls in a half, the offensive team is awarded a free throw. The free throw is worth one point.

A player can pass the ball with an overhead pass, chest pass, bounce pass, and behind-the-back pass. An offensive player can also jump shot the ball when in mid-air. A player can only stay in the paint for three seconds at a time.

Goals: Baskets inside the three-point line are worth two points. Baskets outside of the three-point line are worth three points. When the ball reaches the free-throw line, the opposing team will receive a free throw.

Basketball is a very fast-paced sport that puts a lot of stress on the body. A player should take time to stretch his muscles, drink plenty of water, and rehydrate regularly. This will help to reduce the chances of injuries.

There are also rules regarding the size of the basketball, the height of the basket, and the size of the court. These rules are enforced by several on-court officials. They also regulate the game clock. When a foul is called, the game clock stops.

Basketball games last for fifteen minutes in the first half and twelve minutes in the second half. The teams alternate goals in the second half. During the first half, each team can call two one-minute timeouts.