Basic Rules of Basketball


There are several fundamental rules that make basketball play unique. For starters, players have a certain amount of time to shoot the ball. If they fail to shoot it within this time limit, the possession of the ball is handed to the opposing team. In addition, players on the offense have only a limited amount of time to advance the ball (such as moving the ball across the half-court line). A shot is considered to be made when it goes in the basket or hits the rim of the basket. If a player fails to make the basket, a foul is called and the clock starts over again.

Other early players in the game were small and medium-sized. Bob Cousy, a center who starred at Holy Cross College, went on to become the first professional big man, and later became the Boston Celtics’ most successful player. They are considered two of the game’s greatest playmakers. Among their many accomplishments, Cousy was also the first to develop the behind-the-back pass and the between-the-legs dribble.

The game is divided into halves, or segments of half-time. Each half lasts for eight minutes. In the pros, halves are typically 12 minutes long, with a few minutes in between. After each half, teams switch sides and compete for a point. A successful basket will score more points, while a tied score will go to overtime. The dribble is a common technique used by offensive players to move the ball around the court and pass it to their teammate.

Another fundamental rule is to avoid throwing the ball out of bounds. It is against the rules to step over the end line, either while shooting or passing the ball. Furthermore, the ball cannot be held by the player for more than eight seconds. A few other fundamental rules of basketball include keeping the ball within the court, not on it. The game is also more entertaining when you have more teammates. You can find many tips for shooting a basketball on the Internet.

The main objective of basketball is to score points by shooting the ball through a hoop. The goal is to make the most baskets within the time limit of the game, as long as the opposing team has at least as many as possible. The goal post in a basketball game is located in the opponent’s court, and the players try to make a goal or protect their basket within their court. When a player scores a goal, the team has won.

The rules of basketball also apply to personal fouls. Players who are convicted of a technical foul are removed from the game after two consecutive violations. A player committing five fouls will lose the ball permanently. However, players can be substituted for those who have committed five or more fouls. In addition to the above, players can commit a team foul if they are called for illegal contact. Attempting to steal the ball from the other team’s player is a major foul.