Learn How to Play Basketball

Basketball is an enjoyable team sport where two teams, typically of around five players each, play against each other on a flat rectangular court with the goal of shooting the ball into the hoop of the other team with as many shots as possible. Unlike lacrosse or American football, basketball involves no special rules. The only thing that may make the game more exciting than it already is the colors and designs that are used for uniforms and attire. The name “basketball” was derived from the game of ball passed around between generations in early America. In most parts of the world, soccer has been replaced by basketball as the most popular sport. Today, basketball is the second most popular sport in the United States, behind baseball.


While most people think of basketball when they hear the word “ball”, the game actually consists of a much different set of rules. As opposed to lacrosse or American football, basketball involves only two teams on each side of the rectangular field. Each team has five players, but no bench. Instead of using the typical backboard, which is made up of three beams supported by end posts, basketball utilizes the rim, which is usually made out of iron. In order to score points, a player must bounce the ball onto his or her rim, making sure to do so from both the front and back of the rim.

Unlike lacrosse and football, basketball requires a small forward to put on white-colored clothing, called a jersey, and also participate in black-colored footwear called sneakers. The uniform of a small forward in basketball is almost always black with white stripes or other markings on it. A small forward’s primary role in the team is to either pass the ball to another player or to shoot the ball through the hoop. Occasionally a small forward will take turns playing defense, though he or she will most likely never play defense on offense. Usually, a small forward plays on the wing, where he or she will take two or three shots every time the ball is set up in the basket.

An average NBA basketball game has about 20 possessions, which are played at an average pace of fifteen minutes per game. The game usually begins with a two-minute warning before halftime. However, some teams play half-an-hour of regular-season basketball before going into their series of playoff games. Also, some teams play an assortment of games against lesser competition before going into the conference tournaments, such as the NCAA tournament. The conference tournaments often have teams from several different conferences. As you can see, there are a lot of similarities between the NBA and the professional football, especially with regard to the starting lineups.

The fundamental movements that go along with playing basketball require quickness and strength. Players must be quick to adjust to their position on the court and must also be strong enough to make quick passes and jump into the air when there is a good opportunity for it. Additionally, players who are quick and strong also have the added advantage of being able to block shots. Thus, it is important for them to be able to move quickly both in and out of the rotation and into different positions on the floor. They must be quick to change directions, but also be strong enough to block shots when needed.

As mentioned earlier, playing basketball requires team effort. As a coach, I always try to get my five players involved in every play. If the five players on my bench each possess the same skills and capabilities, then the game should flow smoothly. As you work to score points, keep in mind the skills and capabilities of your five players. And, do not hesitate to let your best player run the show during game times.