Lomography Horizon Perfekt HPP202 Camera

With our mobile phones doubling as cameras, it may come to a surprise that camera brands like Lomography continues to invest in products like Horizon Perfekt HPP202. But once you get to play around with the Perfekt (and get over its corny spelling), you’ll see why Lomography is willing to fork out the big bucks.

The main selling point of the Horizon Perfekt is the 120 degrees of vision. Panorama photograph has always been a nifty touch, and whilst many phones can take panorama photos nowadays, their level of detail is always substandard. Personally, only proper cameras can take real panorama shots.

Clad in a space-age ABS plastic, the Perfekt features full aperture and shutter settings which allow you to dial in the precise exposure. Each shot yields a 58mm long negative that extends to about two standard frames. If you’re a sucker for old school touches, then you’d be glad to know it also has a clockwork mechanism – meaning the Perfekt doesn’t require batteries.

You can also get different accessories with the Horizon Perfekt HPP202 camera, like a handgrip, neckstrap and even three different optical filters (UV, neutral density, and yellow-green).