Rules of Basketball


Basketball is a game that requires players to shoot, pass, and dribble. It is a sport that requires strategy and is played by teams. Teams that score the most points win the game. The rules of basketball are different for different levels of play. For example, WNBA and NCAA teams are allowed 30 seconds of possession before shooting.

Before the game, teams should warm up to stretch their muscles. They should also hydrate regularly to avoid injuries. As a general rule, a player should not take on more than four fouls in a game. If a player does foul, he or she is penalized with a free throw. This type of foul is often called a personal foul. When a player makes a personal foul, his or her team loses the ball.

The game is divided into four quarters, each with a period of 10 minutes. Teams switch sides after two quarters. During the first half, a coach can call two one-minute timeouts. In the second half, a coach can call three timeouts.

Each player is required to wear a team uniform. These include a jersey and shorts. Different colors are used for different teams. Other optional equipment includes arm sleeves and mouth guards. Players can also wear compression tights.

A team’s goal is to get the ball through the hoop, which is an elevated platform. Depending on the rules of the sport, the ball is usually made from either plastic or leather. Balls are available in sizes ranging from 28.5 to 29 inches.

After the first quarter, the team moves to their offensive side of the court. Players can then dribble or pass the ball to their teammates to move the ball down the court. Offense is important because it gives the players an advantage. Power forwards are larger players who are able to shoot from outside the court. Small forwards are smaller players who are able to move around the court quickly.

Usually, the players are allowed to spend three seconds in the paint. However, when they don’t leave within three seconds, they’re considered fouls. If the offensive team misses the shot, the ball is given to the defensive team.

An offensive team’s strategy is to try to get the ball through the hoop as fast as possible. Players use different strategies to achieve this. One of the most common strategies is the pick and roll. A pick and roll is a multi-player offense where the offensive player rolls toward the basket to receive a pass.

Another offensive strategy is the fast break. This play is a fast-moving play that allows the team to make adjustments and change direction. Fast breaks can also be known as garbage time.

If a player is fouled while dribbling, he or she is awarded a free throw. Free throws are worth one point. Some examples of personal fouls are illegal hand use, holding, pushing, and blocking.

To win a basketball game, a player must make a two-point shot or a three-pointer. A two-point shot is worth two points, while a three-pointer is worth three.