The Basics of Baseball


If you’re a fan of sports and enjoy watching fast-paced action, baseball is the game for you. It’s a team sport and the goal of each team is to score more runs than the opposing team by the end of the game. The first team to do so wins the game. The game is played on a large field that is divided into an infield and outfield, with four bases spaced 90 feet apart. Home plate is at the center of the infield. The pitcher stands on the pitching mound to throw the ball to the batter.

After the batter hits the ball, he must run around all of the bases without getting out. He can’t run to the same base more than once and must touch each base with some part of his body before attempting to go to the next one. If he fails to do so, he is out and the other team gets a chance to try to score.

To prevent the other team from scoring, the fielding team must stop the batter and the runner from reaching the bases. The defensive players must quickly get to the ball and pass it to a player closer to the base that the runner is trying to reach. This is called a double play.

In addition to the catcher and pitcher, there are seven other fielding players on the field, including three outfielders and four infielders. The infielders are the first baseman, second baseman and shortstop and they stand near to their respective bases. The outfielders are located in the areas outside of the infield and they have the most difficult job because they are the farthest from the bases.

The pitcher and catcher also work together to call the game. Using hand signals, the catcher tells the pitcher what type of pitch to throw. The pitcher then uses their glove to make a move and catch the ball or throw it to another player to get an out. There are several different types of pitches, such as the fastball and curveball.

Once the batting team has scored enough runs, it must switch places with the defensive team. This is known as a shift. Teams often change pitchers during a game to keep them fresh.

If the teams are tied at the end of an inning, extra innings are played until one team manages to score. It is rare for a game to end in a tie, but it does happen. If the game is still tied at the end of extra innings, a one-game playoff is held (the venue is decided by tossing a coin). The team that wins this game is declared the league champion.