The Basics of Basketball


There are two basic shooting techniques in basketball. Set and jump shots are used to shoot the ball towards the goal, respectively. Set shots are taken with both feet on the floor, while jump shots are taken with one foot in the air, and are also known as layups. Slam dunks are also types of shooting shots, but they must be made from above the basket. Passing in basketball entails several different techniques, including chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass, and behind the back pass.

A team must follow the rules and strategies of both sides of the court. A foul is when a player makes contact with an opponent. It is also called a personal foul. The offensive team is responsible for setting up screens to create open space for its offensive players. The defender is the player who dribbles the ball and then makes contact with him. The other team must pass the ball to the offensive player within five seconds, or else it is a foul.

A well-crafted basketball has several components. The rim is attached to the backboard, which is usually four feet by six feet by 1.8 feet. The rim, made of cast iron, is approximately 18 in. in diameter and weighs between 18 and 22 ounces. A player may choose to play with a smaller version of the rim, which is a bit easier for younger players to handle. The rim and cord of the basketball together make the “basket.”

In basketball, players are organized into five positions: the center, power forward, small forward, and shooting guard. The five-player team was introduced in 1897. The University of Kansas, led by James Naismith, played a basketball game with five players per team. These five players formed the standard playing position for the game. With this simple definition, the rules of the game are extremely easy to understand and follow. You can even try playing basketball on your own.

During a basketball game, a team tries to score a goal, by rebounding the rebound and scoring. Players also have a limited number of time-outs, which are used for talking to coaches. In some cases, an injury can result in a time-out for a team. If a team cannot score a goal, it will take a second chance to score the next basket. If a team doesn’t score in a period, it will lose the game.

Basketball became an Olympic sport in 1936. Women played the sport for the first time at the 1976 Olympics. The USA dominated international competitions, winning every title until 1972, when they lost to the Soviet Union. The team is often considered the best ever, and was nicknamed the “Dream Team”.

The game is played in four quarters, each lasting 10 minutes. Each quarter is broken up by a fifteen-minute halftime. Coaches are allowed to call two one-minute timeouts during the first half and three timeouts during the second half. The clock begins and stops when the referee blows the whistle. The ball must touch the floor for a shot to count. In the case of a tie score, extra quarters are played.