The Basics of Basketball


There are two types of basketball passes: the chest pass and the overhead pass. Both pass the basketball from one player to another. During the chest pass, the passer bounces the ball two-thirds of the way from his chest to the receiver. This pass is more difficult for the opposing team to intercept, so players often use it in crowded situations to get around a defender. The overhead pass, on the other hand, involves passing over the defender. The ball is released while the passer’s head is above the rim.

The game was first played with ten players, but this was soon increased to eleven players per team. When it became too cold to play outside in the winter, teams were split up to play basketball indoors. Then in 1897-1898, the game was played with five players per side. In 1899, the University of Iowa beat the University of Chicago. The game became a popular sport, and the team was led by James Naismith.

The position on the court is important, and there are five types of basketball players. The tallest player is called the center. The next two are called the small forward and the power forward. The shortest player is the point guard or shooting guard. These players guard the basket and carry out the game plan set by the coach. Basketball players play two-on-two, three-on-three, and one-on-one. When a team uses both types of players, the center plays the center position.

The rules of the game have changed over the years. The first set of rules were agreed upon by the colleges in 1905. Later, the Amateur Athletic Union and the YMCA formed a joint rules committee. The Committee’s name was changed to the National Basketball Committee in 1936 and subsequently, in 1979, to the International Association of Basketball Federation. However, the game still remains an Olympic sport and the competition amongst nations is fierce.

The popularity of basketball is not only due to the stars that have made it so popular. Several famous basketball players have played the game and remained famous, including Michael Jordan. In addition, basketball players often get into trouble, and fans are curious about how they respond when they get caught. Its popularity has risen to second only to soccer in terms of popularity. So if you’d like to try playing basketball, consult a physician first. You might be at risk for injuries and should consult with a sports doctor to make sure you are healthy to play.

The rules of basketball involve several penalties. One of the most common is the personal foul. It involves a player’s attempt to unfairly disadvantage the other team. Personal fouls are more common among defensive players but can be committed by either offensive or defensive players. When a player commits a personal foul in play, the ball is returned to him, but in the event of a shooting foul, he receives the ball again and attempts free throws. Free throws are made from a line 15 feet from the basket.