The Basics of Basketball


A game of basketball has specific rules and a set of plays. Each player has a limited amount of time to make a shot, which is called a “shot.” In a FIBA sanctioned game, a player has 24 seconds to make a shot. If he or she misses the shot, the ball is turned over to the opposing team. Players on the offensive side of the court can keep the ball moving on the court by dribbling or passing the ball to a teammate. A basketball dribble is a technique in which a player continuously bounces the ball against the floor, and it is a major skill in the game.

Basketball was invented by James Naismeth in 1891, when he was employed by the Department of Physical Education at what is now known as Springfield College. He was commissioned by professor Luther Gulick to come up with a new game. He created the first version of the game, which consisted of two teams of nine players. The players would try to hit a peach-shaped basket with the ball using dribbling and passing.

In the early stages of basketball, small and medium-size players were the norm. The game’s first professional games took place in a cage, which was one third the size of a court today. The cage was used for practical reasons, as it prevented the ball from going out of bounds. It also provided a physical boundary, which was especially useful for savvy teams.

A basketball court is a rectangular surface with a rim around ten feet tall. The perimeter has a small circle in the center that marks the free-throw line. The court is painted red and white, and international competitions are conducted under FIBA guidelines. Besides the rim, a basketball court has two 10 foot baskets and a three-point arc.

When a player dribbles illegally or fails to release the ball within the time limit, he is penalized. In addition, if he crosses the halfway line, the opposing team receives possession of the ball. In addition, a basket is worth three points if the shooting team makes a three-point shot; a two-point shot is worth two points.

In a game of basketball, there are two types of plays: an offensive and a defensive team. The offensive team carries out specific plays that allow them to score points while the other team tries to block the shot. In the event of a foul, the offensive team is allowed a limited amount of time outs to consult with its players and make adjustments.

In the NBA, there are five players on the court at a time. In college and amateur basketball, teams usually agree to play under different sets of rules. Occasionally, teams will agree to play under different sets of rules for each half of the game.