The Basics of Football

Using a round ball, football players try to get the ball into the opponent’s end zone by kicking, running, or passing the ball. A touchdown is the most common goal, resulting in six points for the team. A field goal is worth three points, while an extra point is scored by kicking the ball through the goal post. In addition to the usual scoring options, there are special teams who take over during certain plays.

The game is played by two teams of eleven players. The team that has the ball first is called the offense, while the team that has the ball last is called the defense. The team that has the ball first has the advantage, as they have the first chance to gain 10 yards. If they fail to gain the yards, the ball is then passed to the defense. After the fourth down, the offense can try to kick a field goal, or they can try to run the ball into the end zone for two points.

When the ball crosses the goal line, the offense receives the ball back. The next player in the formation has the responsibility of catching the ball. If the ball is caught, the team is awarded six points. If the ball is not caught, the offense is awarded a penalty, usually for an illegal block in the back. A penalty is penalized if a player makes contact with an opponent, such as a sack, or if a player holds an opponent.

If the offense fails to gain a yard, the defense will tackle the opponent. If a tackle is made, the defense gets two points. The defense can then try to stop the offense, such as tackling the quarterback or running backs. Alternatively, the defense can try to score by tackling the opponent in the end zone. The team that scores the touchdown is awarded a bonus, which adds up to six points.

If the ball is intercepted, a defensive player can pick up the ball and run with it until it is out of bounds. If the ball is recovered, the player can continue to run with the ball until he is tackled. A fumble occurs when a player loses possession of the ball.

The defense line is made up of three to six players. The linebackers line up between the defensive line and the defensive backs. The goalkeeper can be the second-to-last defending player. A linebacker can rush the quarterback or cover potential receivers. The defensive backs, also known as safeties, are the players that cover the offensive players. They are also sometimes rushed by the quarterback.

The defense is also awarded points for a tackle in the end zone. The player that makes the tackle is called a safety. The defense also picks up two points for an interception. If the defensive player makes an interception, the player can run with the ball until he is tackled.