The History of Baseball


In baseball, the pitcher attempts to hit a ball over the batter’s head and into play. Eight fielders attempt to catch the ball and throw out the batter if it enters the zone. Either way, the batter must make contact with the ball in order to score a run. The batter cannot hit the ball outside of the foul lines. The team with the most runs at the end of nine innings wins. The players who make contact with the ball are called “base runners.”

The history of baseball began in the 18th century, when it was primarily a boys’ game. Different parts of the country played different versions. For instance, in New York, a different variation of the game required players to stay on the base paths when running. Regardless of its differences from other games, baseball remained largely a boys’ game until money began to be won. That money eventually encouraged more adults to pay attention to the game.

A home run is not common enough to win a baseball game. But knowing how to run after normal hits will help you increase your chances of scoring runs. Another important rule to remember is to avoid getting “three outs,” which shift the game from the defense to the offense. The defense team cannot score runs during this time. So knowing when to stop and wait is crucial. A home run that scores four runs is called a grand slam.

There are varying accounts as to who invented the game of baseball. Some say it was invented in England, while others place it in the Middle Ages. But in truth, baseball began in the United States in 1839. Abner Doubleday was twenty when he invented baseball in Cooperstown, New York. His name is associated with the game’s origin. A commission, chaired by Abraham Mills, was established to determine if baseball was invented in America. Ultimately, Doubleday was declared the inventor of baseball and he took the lead.

In the game of baseball, accountability is paramount. Even in the midst of the greatest tragedy, it is possible for a losing team to pull off a victory. It’s been documented that a team can score 13 runs with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. The Boston Marathon bombings also played a role in inspiring baseball fans and healing the city. In Houston, baseball has become a healing tool, as the Houston Astros became the first team to win the World Series.

There is no question that baseball has shaped gender roles in the United States. Women began playing baseball in the 1840s, but they were still confined to a spectator’s role. Baseball promoters encouraged women to attend baseball games in order to purify the atmosphere and suppress intemperate language. Women who played baseball were branded “Amazons,” “freaks,” and even “frauds” by the press.