The Basics of Basketball

Basketball is a fast paced sport where two teams, usually of five individuals each, competing against each other on a rectangular divided court, with the objective of knocking the ball into the basket of the other team with the goal of shooting the ball through the opponent’s hoop with as many attempts as possible. Each team scores when they get the ball into the hoop of the other team and are able to make at least one basket. The game is played in about forty five minutes with two halves being played on either side of a single regulation game. The game normally concludes when one team has run out of time or if a game is tied when the last two minutes have been played. However, there are two exceptions to this rule where extra time will be allowed if both teams still have enough time to play.


The basketball is divided into two parts before it can be played. One part is the playing surface and the other part is the basket. The playing surface is made up of a hard rubberized basketball court which is commonly painted white or made of synthetic leather. The other part is the basket wherein the basketball is stored during play. It is made up of an inner basket that contains a net, and an outer basket which is covered with cloth.

Each team has three men on each side of the court who take turns trying to shoot the basketball with a gravity ball provided by the manufacturer. These balls are weighted so that the lighter the person is, the easier it is for them to throw the ball through the hoop. The objective of each team is to be the first to shoot the ball through the other team’s basket. This game is known as basketball at the amateur level.

Since this game is quite popular among younger people, there are a number of youth basketball leagues around the country where children learn the basics of the sport. These young players need to be supervised by adults to avoid harm while they are learning how to properly handle a basketball. The most common injuries that players sustain from playing this sport include bruises, sprained ankles and even broken bones. As children grow older, they may decide to take this sport up as a professional sport. Many teenagers make a living playing basketball and there are some who even become professional athletes.

The sport of basketball is very interesting but it does have a lot of rules that must be followed. A foul is called when one team begins the game with more people on the court than the other team. Also, the players on both teams must wear uniform clothing that is approved by the sport’s governing body, the National Basketball Association. Also, during a game, players may not touch the ball except to make sure they aren’t shooting it. For instance, a player may hook a ball if he is attempting to make a throw.

Basketball can be an exciting and fun sport to play. When properly practiced and taken seriously, basketball can bring individuals together for a fun, challenging and stimulating experience. People of all ages and physical conditions can enjoy playing this sport. Anyone can play basketball including kids, seniors and even those who have had knee surgery. Anyone who has a passion for this sport should definitely consider signing up today for a basketball league.