America’s Number 1 Sport

Baseball is an intriguing sport played by hundreds of thousands of players worldwide. It’s been around for a long time but was formally introduced in 1903. Professional baseball uses a different format compared to what is used in Little League and recreational baseball. In Little League, teams play games six times a year while professional leagues continue their season schedules for twelve teams at a time. Most Little Leagues are independently owned and operated, while independent leagues are run for profit. One of the most well-known professional baseball teams is the New York Yankees, who is based in the New York area.


Major League Baseball (MLB) is the professional baseball league in North America. Its schedule includes fourteen teams including the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Red Sox. The games are played across three schedules; Monday through Sunday, Wednesday through Saturday and the concluding game is played on Sunday night. Each game takes approximately three hours, fifteen minutes including commercials. Unlike other sports, baseball games end with a winner or a tie. The winner is then given the lead; if there are two teams tied, a manager may choose to play an extra game to decide who leads.

A baseball game is scored when one team has possession of the ball (hitting the opposing batting cage or the ball itself) and the other team has fewer players with runners in the outfield. Once the team with the ball hits the other team’s batter, the game is considered to be scored. Runs are scored when the offensive team scores more runners than the defensive team. Opposing teams take turns being on offense and defense. Once the game is started, the first pitcher will face the batters.

Batters are placed in the home plate in a diamond-shaped arrangement. The bases are divided into three categories: home, center field and right field. The offensive team takes turns attempting to hit a baseball with a bat as the ball is thrown from one hand to another while the defensive team tries to field the ball with a glove. When the bat lands on a baseball or a glove it is declared guilty and the runner is out. When the bats are touched by the pitchers or umpires, the runs are scored.

Pitchers and umpires determine the number of pitches that are thrown. The runs that are scored on each of the innings count towards the team scoring the most runs. The player with the most runs scored during an inning is the winner. In most baseball leagues, there is also a Relief Pitcher who competes against the Starting Pitcher and relieves him from his duties before the end of the game.

Baseball is known as one of the many songs in America that have been recorded and are sung by millions of Americans every day. This game has a long history in America and has been played for many decades. It started almost as soon as the United States became a nation and has since then been enjoyed by people of all walks of life and of many ages. It has now spread all over the world as well.