Basketball Drills For Beginners

Basketball is truly a social game where two teams, often of five people each, against one another on a rectangular court; the objective being to shoot a ball into the hoop of the other team with the hopes of scoring a basket with a net goal. Basketball can be played by individual players; pick up games are common, though most take place in organized tournaments. Most successful teams build their play around an established strategy and then use that same strategy in different situations. However, teams tend to have some common playing principles such as sharing the ball, running the court, and fouls. And they even have the luxury of timeouts in order to refresh the minds of their players if they become tired or just want to try a different strategy.


The sport of basketball has been growing in popularity over the past fifteen years and continues to do so. Many schools across the United States have basketball courts placed on the school grounds for students to practice on after school. This sport offers a great way for kids to develop physically and intellectually. Though not many people put basketball on their witness list, the sport of basketball is a great way for children to develop their physical strength, agility, and endurance.

Two teams of five players compete against each other in a game of basketball. The object of the game is to shoot the ball into the hoop of the other team using a normal basketball set. Each team has a specific starting player, called the starter, who does most of the playing. Other than that, there is usually one coach for each team. There are usually three points on the basketball court; the basket, the free throw line, and the backboard.

Usually the ball is thrown toward the basket by the starter, but it can also be launched by a member of the offensive team before it is thrown. After it is launched, either team can take turns attacking the other’s basket until one team has possession of the ball. When a player makes a shot, it is called a goal. Usually there is a time limit for making a basket, depending on whether it is an offensive or defensive basket.

As you can probably tell, basketball is a very physical sport. Most players will experience a lot of bruises during a game, and most players will get a few black eyes. In addition, some players will get a sprain, an ankle, or even a broken bone in their basketball career. Because of this, you should never try to rough house with a fellow player in the center of the court.

To avoid unnecessary injuries, you should focus on shooting and passing drills before you play. You can either enroll in a local basketball league or teach yourself. There are many books out there that show you how to play, as well as drills you can do to improve your shooting and passing. Once you start playing more frequently, it is important that you participate in a shooting and passing drill with a good group of players. You should be able to have fun while learning. You may also want to keep a basketball log to track your progress over the course of several weeks.