The Basics of Baseball


Founded in 1845, baseball is a game played on a diamond with four bases. The batting team is on offense and the fielding team is on defense. A run is scored when the runner legally advances around all four bases. In addition, the batter may also score a run if the ball is hit around the bases. A foul ball counts as a strike until the third strike is thrown.

A baseball is made of wool yarn wound in a poly/cotton blend. The wool yarn has a natural resiliency. This allows the ball to return to its original shape very quickly. It also compresses when pressure is applied. The outer layer of the baseball has a three-ply gray and white yarn. The ball is wrapped with a poly/cotton finishing yarn for added strength and durability.

The batting team’s offensive strategy is mostly up to the coach, but the approach and results of the performance are under the player’s control. The game is divided into “innings” and the winner takes home the championship. The playoffs are comprised of a league championship series and a best-of-seven World Series. The first round of the league championship series begins in the divisional playoffs, with the division champions playing against the winners of the National league for the league championship. The wild card team is the team with the best record in the non-playoff division. The wild card team plays in a playoff series of its own, but it is not considered a winner.

The defensive team keeps the baserunners from advancing around the bases. If the runner is caught before the ball hits the ground, he must tag up at the base. If the ball is caught after the base is reached, he is out.

The ball is tossed by the pitcher, who throws the baseball as fast as 95 miles per hour. The baseball is then thrown to a catcher who is responsible for catching the pitches thrown by the pitcher. A second, third, and fourth baseman are in the infield. A shortstop stands in front of the batter and is the captain of the infield. A second baseman also fields ground balls.

A player who makes contact with the ball within a certain amount of time will get a hit. If he does not make contact with the ball after three good pitches, he is out. He is allowed to swing at another pitch. If he hits a foul ball, he is allowed to walk to first base.

A player’s score is measured by his number of hits. A home run is a home run when the ball is hit in the upper part of the field, while a triple is a triple when the ball is hit in the lower part of the field. A double is when the batter is able to reach two bases. A stolen base is when the runner advances to a base without help.

The strike zone is a small circle between the batter’s knees and armpits. A foul ball is a ball that is thrown in the wrong direction. The batter must swing at the ball if the ball is in the strike zone. The batter is allowed to swing at any pitch if the ball is outside the strike zone.