The Basics of Football


Whether you’re playing it recreationally or professionally, football is a team sport. Each team has a playbook of dozens to hundreds of plays. A good play should be a well thought out strategy. The key to a good play is to keep the offensive players organized. The goal is to advance the ball.

A typical play involves an offensive player (usually the quarterback) running, passing, or rushing. The team’s defense, on the other hand, tries to stop the offense from scoring. The defense is organized in a defensive line and an offensive line. The defensive line consists of three to six players. The offensive line consists of the offensive backs and quarterback. The linebackers, who are positioned between the line of scrimmage and the defensive backs, are responsible for covering potential receivers.

The field is 53 and one half yards wide. It is divided into two ends, 10 yards apart. The middle yard line marker is known as the 50-yard line. The offense advances the ball 10 yards every four plays. The first down is achieved when the offense gains a yard. The second down is earned by advancing another yard. The third down is earned by advancing at least ten yards. The fourth down is earned by kicking the ball off the ground or by completing a touchdown.

An incomplete pass is a forward pass that flies out of bounds. An incomplete pass is commonly referred to as a “fumble.” An interception is the act of catching the ball before it is kicked out of the end zone. An interception is a good way to gain some yardage. The player that recovers the ball can run with it until he is tackled.

A field goal is the score when the offensive team successfully kicks the ball through the goal posts. A successful field goal is called a “touchdown.” In the NFL, the touchdown conversion is similar to a two point conversion. The touchdown is scored when the offensive team reaches the opponent’s two-yard line.

A safety is the act of a defense securing the ball after an offensive player has fumbled it out of the end zone. A safety is worth 2 points. In some games, blocking fouls can result in a safety.

The “snap” is the official start of the game. The snap is a signal to the offensive team that it has possession of the ball. It also signals to the defensive team that it has possession of the ball. The football is then placed on its hash marks. The offensive team is usually set, and the ball carrier may pass the ball to a teammate. The offensive team is usually the first to receive the snap. The quarterback is the offensive centre. A quarterback can be a wide receiver or a quarterback-like position.

The “turnover on downs” is a term used to describe a change of possession. An offensive team may run the ball or pass the ball on downs. The offense can also punt the ball to the other team. However, the punt is almost always made on fourth down.