What’s So Exciting About Soccer?

Association football, otherwise known as just football as well frugally, is an organised team game played between two teams of eleven players each. It is played throughout the world by about 250 million players in more than 200 countries and dependencies, accounting for about 80% of the total global population. It has the highest attendance figures in the world, with about seven or eight games being played per week. Football is also the most popular non-sporting sports in the world.


The game of association football was developed as a way to increase the number of people playing the sport, both at a national level as well as at a recreational level. By putting in a small amount of money, especially from wealthy English football supporters, it was hoped that it would encourage more people to take up the sport and play it better. As a result of the association football’s growing popularity, it moved from its original set of games to include other sports like golf, sailing, hockey, wrestling, cricket and Australian rules football.

In association football, the players wear football kits consisting of shorts and socks, which are either made by Nike or Adidas. Each player also has a goalkeeper uniform consisting of a shirt with sleeves and shorts. This goalkeeper uniform has a collar and a short round cap with a long fringe. The goalkeeper wears gloves, too, rather than wearing them inside the shoes. The goalkeepers use their feet to keep the ball out of the opponents’ goal during the matches. The goalkeeper’s role is to stop the opposing team from scoring a goal by keeping the ball in play or preventing the other team from gaining extra yards on the opposite side of the field.

Rugby is another major sport that started out as a way to make football available to the public schools in England. The game is similar to football in that players wear soccer kits consisting of shorts and socks. However, rugby is played with seven players on each team and there is no regulation football in the game. The official rules of rugby are almost the same to those of football.

Finally, soccer is the sport that most people think of when they consider all sports and, indeed, association football. However, rugby football did not begin as a sport until it was adapted by Americans during the 19th century. Like other sports, the rules of the game were worked out in an attempt to prevent cheating and to provide a competitive edge for the game.

In the United States, the first official football event took place inuffolk, Massachusetts, in 188. It was a game organized by trader James Convery. This first official football game is believed to have taken place because of the fact that both the Convery and another trader, John Sullivan, played a simple game of “pass and carry” wherein neither player could return the ball except for making a tackle. With this simple game, it was soon known as “Rugby Football”. It wasn’t long before America’s teams even began playing games against those of other countries, including England.